On 5-7 March 2021, SEV American College MUN Club students organized and successfully ran the 5th SACMUN Conference. Due to the global pandemic, the conference had to be held online. This was initially a source of slight anxiety because it was the first time organizing a meeting of such scale, regarding the number of participants and the locations they are spread across, yet the event proved to be very successful despite all odds.

The theme of the conference was contextual instability and degradation, which posed various threats for the future of our world and the people inhabiting it. Students were very engaged and enthusiastic in identifying the problems, suggesting solutions and vigorously debating on the feasibility and appropriacy of the resolutions. There were in total 173 delegates and 21 StOff from 19 different schools, including a delegation of 10 participants from International School on the Rhine in Germany.

We congratulate all our students and guests who participated as delegates despite their busy exam schedule and the MUN Club students and the members of the Executive Committee for their tremendous efforts in making this conference a success.