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Assessment is today's means of modifying tomorrow's instruction.

Carol Ann Tomlinson


All work carried out by the Assessment and Evaluation Unit is done in compliance with the international assessment and evaluation standards. It is ensured that the developments and changes in the literature are integrated into all learning activities in cooperation with the academic staff of the school. Analysis and reporting work are carried out to monitor learning processes based on data. In-service training and projects are supported to contribute to the development of learning processes.


The Assessment and Evaluation Unit carries out the following processes:

·       Ensuring the integration of current assessment and evaluation methods and techniques into the school

·       Ensuring that Pre-Formative-Summative assessment and evaluation tools are reliable, valid and useful

·       Carrying out tool development and implementation processes in cooperation with teachers

·       Providing data for the planning of learning processes

·       Informing stakeholders with well-balanced feedback by preparing analysis reports after national and international exams