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The IB Diploma Programme at SAC


SAC is an authorized IB World School.


The IBDP Program is offered in 44 schools in Turkey and in 4546 schools in 140 countries around the world.  It is acclaimed by the top ranking universities in the world for the excellent preparation it offers for life in university, and is even valued by employers such as global firms. (See endorsements below.)


This program presents a blend of balance, depth and breadth of study as the students can select six subjects from six different groups of disciplines of which three must be studied at Higher Level. These topics at Higher Level, when compared to those studied at Standard Level, have more variety and are studied in greater depth.



Groups  Discipline
1 Studies in Language and Literature
2 Language Acquisition 
3 Individuals and Society
4 Sciences
5 Mathematics
6 The Arts or another subject from one of the above groups


The students must also fulfill three core requirements:


IBDP students are expected to make connections between the different areas of study as well as between what they learn at school and their own lives. They should aspire to become self-learners who can communicate in more than one language. They should also aspire to understand other cultures as well as their own and be ready to take a more active role in the establishment of a more peaceful, sustainable and just world.


The Advantages of the IBDP


Students have the opportunity to


  • become life-long learners in an uncertain and complex future;
  • to be further placed in advanced courses in some subjects when accepted at prestigious universities overseas and, in some cases, to be able to graduate early;
  • benefit both financially and academically in the best private and foundation universities in Turkey.


Various Endorsements of the IBDP


Sir Michael Rake, Chairman Of BT Group, RSA Conference On The IB, 12th October 2009, quoted in Malvern College Brochure on the IBDP (no date) http://www.malverncollege.org.uk/doccache/doc_get_452.pdf


British philosopher A C Grayling on IB Theory of Knowledge http://www.theguardian.com/science/blog/2008/mar/24/educationshouldinmyview


  • "well with success at Harvard. We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Program on the transcript."


Marlyn Mcgrath Lewis, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Harvard University, quoted in Malvern College Brochure on the IBDP (no date) http://www.malverncollege.org.uk/doccache/doc_get_452.pdf


For further details;


Visit the IBO’s own public website http://ibo.org/diploma/