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Message from Head of School


Welcome to SEV American College as we celebrate our eighth year. We have grown rapidly and as of August 2019 we now have over 600 students and over one hundred teachers. We continue to enjoy the support, heritage and culture of the Health and Education Foundation and benefit from our associations with our sister schools. Yet as the youngest (and proudest) member of the SEV family we are striving to establish our own culture and identity.


We have world class sports facilities, an incredible IT infrastructure and a committed staff and faculty. We value international mindedness, social awareness, innovation and a sense of respect for others and the environment. At the core of our mission, however, is the aim to provide the highest quality education possible with a strong emphasis on English language development and the delivery of many parts of the curriculum in English. We aim to continue sending our graduates to prestigious universities both abroad and in Turkey.


As we move forward, SAC aims to strengthen and develop both its classroom learning opportunities and provide a greater range of activities and events for our students outside the classroom. We are committed to our IB program, to achieving and maintaining the standards set by the accreditation process for the Council of International Schools and enhancing an already rigourous Ministry of Education curriculum. With our state of the art campus, we hope to further develop our reputation for innovative approaches to education, success with technology and a unique range of cultural, sporting and artistic activities.


As the new Head of School at SAC, I am proud, honoured and excited to be following in the footsteps of illustrious predecessors and to be given the opportunity to lead the school on the next stage of its journey. I look forward to meeting you on the way!


Michael Wilkinson

Head of School



Message from Principal of School


Welcome to SEV American College (SAC), the gateway to the future. SAC was established in September 2014 as the newest school of the Health and Education Foundation (SEV), which has gathered under its roof the American colleges that have been present in our country since 1800s. SAC prepares its students for the future in a qualified and holistic learning environment with the knowledge and experience gained from the past.


With the principle of respect for self, others and the environment, our students are provided with the highest standard of education in a safe, dynamic, motivating and multilingual learning environment. SAC strives to raise multilingual global citizens with high level of intercultural understanding and sense of social responsibility. In addition to the national MEB curriculum, an international program (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) is offered at our school. Both of these curriculums are taught by our well-equipped and competent Turkish and foreign faculty members.


Following a successful membership visit, SAC has received full international accreditation status from CIS (Council of International Schools) in February, 2023.


We use Turkish and English as the language of instruction at SAC where Mathematics and Science courses are taught in English. As a second foreign language, we offer German, French and Spanish languages to choose from. Our students have constantly performed well in international language exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, DELE (Spanish), DELF (French), FIT (German) and Europass Language Passport. This is primarily due to the main and second foreign language program that our school offers to all the students.


Our students are prepared for the future at the highest quality standards not only with our excellence-oriented education programs but also with extracurricular activities. Some of these programs are Model United Nations (MUN) conferences held in Turkey and abroad, International School Theaters (ISTA) conferences, European Youth Parliament conferences, TUBITAK competitions, CERN visits, cultural trips to other countries, musical and art studies, and national and international community service projects.


Our campus is also a center that opens to the future with its use of technology. At SAC, technology is an essential part of education that is implemented in smart boards in all classrooms as well as in our state-of-the-art science laboratories, comprehensive library, art center, music center, innovation and entrepreneurship center, conference hall and auditorium, and 3d printers and computer laboratories. The SAC X-Zone Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center serves as a project development area and allows our students to carry out many activities such as those in Robotics and Maker clubs. Due to this innovative and entrepreneurial way of thinking, we are proud to state that our students have achieved success in both national and international competitions.

SAC students are coached and supported for a happy and successful academic life with the support of our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department, and closely followed for their academic, social and psychological needs. Furthermore, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, our school has a Child Protection Policy in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Council of International Schools (CIS) Child Protection standards.


Our Student Union, which was formed to highlight the leadership qualities of our students and consists of class representatives, organizes scientific, artistic and social events, attends Parent-Teacher Association meetings, and provides constructive feedback to the school with periodic student surveys. Having gained such distinctive qualities, our students receive significant acceptances from national and international universities every year.


As SEV American College, we invite you to discover the future at our school, where we are committed to raise individuals with strong communication skills, high self-confidence, and bright future who are deeply committed to Atatürk's principles and reforms.



Dr. Akın Metli

School Principal