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Established in





2023 – 2024 - Student Enrollment


Number of students: 607


The school provides a 5-year high school education from Prep to 12th Grade. 

Academic program in Prep Year


Intensive English, Second Foreign Language, Turkish, Science, Mathematics, Art, Physical Education, Music and Guidance.


The level of English expected of students registering to SAC


Students registering at SAC are not expected to know English.


Instruction in a foreign language


Apart from Turkish Language and Literature and Social Sciences, all classes are taught in English.


Choices for the Second Language Program


German, Spanish, and French


Elective courses (from Grade 9 onwards)


Modern Turkish and World History, German/French Literature, Public Speaking, Journalism, Drama, Web Design and Animation, AP preparation in chemistry/physics, etc.


The IB Diploma Programme


SAC received official approval from the International Baccalaureate Organization in May 2016 and became an IB World School. 


CIS Accreditation


SAC, accredited by CIS - Council of International Schools in February 2023.



Number of teaching staff


We have 82 teachers for the academic year 2023-2024, 15% of whom are foreign.

Foreign teachers teach classes in English and other branches.


Criteria for admission

Students are accepted to SAC through a national central exam.


Average number of students in a class

17 in Grade 12

20 in Grade 11

20 in Grade 10

22 in Grade 9

16 in Prep Year


Number of boarding students


There are no boarding facilities in school


School schedule


07.50 – 14.40 


Traditional Events in school


SAC Fest, Halloween Costume Competition, CERN trip, Highlights, Frankofoni Day, Academic Honesty Week, Love your Country-Make it Known Worldwide Project, SAC Talks, Hıdırellez, Words in My Pocket, World Environment Day, Would You Like to Play With me? Campaign, Solea, TEDxSAC, Stories of Failure form Educators etc.


Some of the Social Clubs


Model United Nations (MUN), Events of the Drama Club, Public Speaking, Young Entrepreneurship, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Orchestra, Cooking, Table Tennis, Latin dances and Tango, Oil Painting, Maker, Robotic etc.

There are over 50 clubs running in the school.