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SEV Foundation Educational Mission

The mission of SEV is to nurture globally-minded, well-rounded, happy individuals who make positive contributions to society by way of their academic achievements and social consciousness.


SEV American College’s Mission 

Our mission is to provide SAC students with the highest standard of education in a safe, dynamic, motivating and multilingual environment where they learn international mindedness, and are inspired to acquire 21st century skills with respect for themselves, others and the environment.


SEV American College’s Goals

Our goal is to provide excellence in holistic education so that each student:

  • Practices a clear commitment to the ideals of Atatürk

  • Is academically successful on high national and international levels

  • Develops mind, body, and spirit to live as a well-balanced individual who will pursue higher education and lifelong learning

  • Learns critical thinking, social and communication skills

  • Shows commitment to justice, mutual respect, human rights, ethical behavior, tolerance, and self-discipline

  • Is committed to bilingual and multicultural interaction for the appreciation of diversity of perspectives and cultures

  • Shows environmental awareness and is dedicated to environmental protection

  • Adapts creatively and innovatively to life and work using scientific inquiry, literary and artistic approaches, information technology, and the social sciences

  • Embodies responsibility, initiative and follow through, honesty and generosity, effective teamwork, and democratic leadership

  • Participates fully in democratic processes and philanthropic organizations as part of lifelong service to humanity




High Quality Teaching and Learning at SAC

At SAC, high quality teaching and learning recognises that our students come from a variety of learning backgrounds and have different and varied needs. We implement research-based, modern, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and aim to provide a safe, motivating, and dynamic learning experience where all students are able to take advantage of the opportunities provided. High quality teaching and learning enables our students to achieve the goals expressed in SAC’s guiding statements. 


High quality teaching and learning will:


  • Take place in a respectful, safe environment, and be mindful of student-well being

  • Center students as partners in the process and encourage creativity, critical-thinking, reflection, and agency

  • Support intellectual risk-taking where students can actively engage in the process of learning for both qualitative and quantitative outcomes

  • Include curriculum that deepens student’s understanding of the world and develops problem-solving and close analysis

  • Integrate assessments that enhance student motivation, learning, and growth

  • Be standards and goals based

  • Clearly and consistently communicate the expectations and skills needed for success 

  • Create connections between disciplines and with co-curricular and extracurricular programs

  • Utilize differentiation practices to engage and accommodate all learners

  • Give students access to a wide variety of digital technology so that they can develop the skills necessary to utilize and evaluate these 21st century tools

  • Provide robust opportunities for student leadership and civic engagement


Global Citizenship at SAC

Students and faculty at SAC operate under the understanding that we are citizens of the world. We transform our knowledge into action locally and globally to participate in making a more peaceful, equitable, fair, and sustainable world.


SAC Strategic Plan

Click here to reach the document.


SAC Learner Profile

In line with SAC’s Guiding Statements, the SAC Learner Profile is an aspirational description of the personal growth that SAC students are expected to achieve during their time at SAC. As a school, we use the learner profile traits to guide our students, encourage them in their personal growth, set clear behaviour expectations, and plan future school growth. Click here to reach the SAC Learner Profile.


Our Energy Policy

In order to ensure sustainability and minimize environmental impact, we aim to reduce energy consumption and costs within the framework of energy management and efficiency policy.

In line with this goal, we are committed to

  • Using energy resources efficiently in our operations,
  • Ensuring continuous improvements in energy performance,
  • Providing the necessary equipment and personnel infrastructure to achieve energy management and efficiency goals & objectives,
  • Increasing staff competence,
  • Meeting all legal and other requirements related to energy,
  • Preferring energy efficient technologies and practices for products and services to be purchased,
  • Evaluating alternative and renewable energy sources by following technological developments,
  • Considering improvements in energy performance and efficiency in new investment and renovation activities,
  • Raising awareness of our employees, students, teachers and all our stakeholders about energy.