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In the Football club, members are introduced to football rules, pitch sizes and techniques. The topics and lessons covered are both theoretical and applied.



TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.

TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.  

Club Goals and Practices:

·       To provide opportunities to club members to share ideas worth spreading in the a unique style the demonstrates excellence in topic choices and public speaking.

·       To train students, and provide opportunities to work on, different style of speeches.

·       To make and present TEDx speeches within the club and school community.

·       To listen/watch the most inspirational TED/TEDx talks.

·       To organize a TEDx Workshop and invite other schools to participate.

·       To attend two TED/TEDx talks annually, one in Turkey and one abroad. 

·       To organize an annual TEDxSEVAmericanCollege event open to the public.

·       Language: Turkish and English

·       Expected Students: 6-15




The aim of the Oil Painting club is to teach oil painting techniques to students who have an interest in art.  Students will express their feelings and thoughts by using oil painting techniques.



The aim of the Orchestra club is to create a place for students to come together and play music.  Students will learn how to interact with each other, will develop self-confidence, learn how to work together as a team, strengthen their musical abilities, and will contribute to the development of other beneficial skills. The club will hold several concerts, both for competition and for our own SAC students.




The aims of the Environmental Science club are to make students aware of their environment and take a role in protecting the world that we live in, to create awareness about waste and recycling, to engage environmental quality in school, to make students understand the importance of energy conservation, and to share daily problems and their possible solutions about the environment in our school community. Students will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge about the environment, to express themselves internationally, and to be engaged in environmental social responsibility projects by attending Young Masters Programs (YMP)”, “Young Reporters For The Environment (YRE)”, and “Prescription Pill And Drug Disposal (P2D2)”programs.



The Dance club allows its participants to let out their natural energies in an aesthetic manner with basic steps and basic rules. The dance club is involved with the performance of ceremonies and programs. The club organizes sales activities and donates their revenues to LÖSEV. Members of the dance club also participate in volunteer work in conjunction with LÖSEV while improving their sensitivity to social issues.



The club's purpose is to contribute in to the students' physical and social developments, while they learn social Latin dances and experience joyful times with music and dance. Our students improve their talent every year while they perform in the events or competitions, both in and out of the school.

MUN (Model United Nations)

The goal of Model United Nations is to promote and encourage an understanding of political, socio- economic and cultural world affairs, raise awareness of different cultures, beliefs and values, and approach these issues with respect and tolerance through attending various conferences and forums organized nationally and internationally.  Students actively participate in the club activities and develop research, public speaking, reasoning and problem solving skills.  Students also increase their knowledge of world issues, international relations, and parliamentary procedures.

Every year MUN Club organizes an MUN DAY for SAC students with the purpose of raising consciousness about global issues. This activity is a simulation of an MUN Conference, only shorter and condensed to fewer committees and takes place at the school during first semester. During the MUN DAY there are various fund raising activities and the proceeds from these activities are used for a charitable purpose.



The Health and Fitness club aims to improve health and wellbeing while encouraging and supporting others.  In the club, students learn about their body, set personal goals and challenge themselves, track progress, research an area of personal fitness or health interest.



The SAC Social Welfare club plans and engages in various projects, demonstrating the motto of SAC (respect for ourselves, for others, and the environment).



In the Math Fanatics club, students do the activities to help promote problem solving abilities.  Some of the activities done include SUDOKU, math puzzles, and math games.



The English Drama club provides students the opportunity to develop their theater art, language and social skills.  The students are introduced to the theory and practice of drama through various activities such as impromptu skits, speech writing, team building, and much more!  In the second semester, students bring the joy and power of drama to the SAC family by presenting a play.  As a social service project, students raise public awareness about the significance of theater art while helping those who are in need.




The Destination Imagination club encourages students to adopt creative thinking as a lifestyle and to use their creativity to solve problems they encounter in everyday life. The club enables students to integrate these problem solving skills with their course work and school life.  Although it may seem like a simple contest, it is actually much more than that.  DI is a view of life.

Students acquire the following skills:

•       Problem solving: instead of complaining about circumstances surrounding them

•       Imagination: students create wonders using imagination

•       Teamwork: Students are part of a team and play an active part in team work.

•       Critical Thinking: students develop spontaneous and creative solutions to problems

•       Solution-Focused Thinking: students focus on solutions, not problems

•       Scientific Thinking: Students develop a scientific viewpoint


The club aims to be successful in DI tournaments in Turkey, and to join the global finals in USA.  There are two parts in DI Tournaments:

1.     Instant Challenge: In instant challenges, the students have to creatively complete and perform a mission in a short time.  They have to use provided materials (neither more nor less).

2.     Team Challenge: Students who participate in the DI club have the opportunity to present their solutions at a local tournament. If they qualify at the state level, they’re invited to participate in Global Finals.  Categories include, but are not limited to, drama, science, technology, etc. This year, SAC chose the science and structural challenge.  Throughout the school year, we prepare as two teams to create a solution for a scientific problem. We will also build a structure capable of carrying heavy loads.

The DI club will organize instant challenges in primary and secondary state schools close to SAC. By doing this, our students will meet with other students from different schools and will have a chance to guide them.



The Cinema club analyzes films in a primarily artistically satisfying manner. Students create stories by creating short film scenarios covering certain topics. We contribute to the formation of a deep-rooted cultural influence in our school by watching different kinds of cinema films. This year, we have focused on short film and documentary studies.  We plan to have a "short documentary film" festival in the spring of 2017, where different schools will also participate. We organized a seminar for the students who did not go to the cinema in the primary schools in the Şile District the past year, as a social project work, and for the presentation of Turkish cinema.   



The Turkish Drama club aims to raise consciousness for one’s body, emotions and environment, and provide liberated spaces within the pedagogy of play where the students are free to express themselves regarding their feelings and experiences.  This is done through experimental performances.  In addition, students learn techniques to ensure interpretation of universal, common, moral and ethical values and concepts.  Moreover, students will process their experience-based learning and advance their socialization skills with the help of group work activities.