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One of the goals of SEV American College is to educate students who participate fully in philanthropic organizations as part of lifelong service to humanity.The heritage of the school lies with social service being the cornerstone of curricular and non-curricular programs. SAC honors this heritage and strives to instill in each of the students a commitment to justice, mutual respect, human rights, ethical behavior, tolerance, and self-discipline. Taking an active role in social service projects is an excellent method to refine and develop such a commitment.Thus all students will be encouraged to take part in social service projects which have measurable outcomes that the students can be proud of.

The Social Service Committee at SAC is dedicated to continuing a long SEV Foundation tradition of ensuring that community service is an integral part of every student’s educational experience. With the establishment of a student branch of the committee, we are encouraging students not only to be involved in providing valuable service to their communities, but also be involved in proposing project ideas and helping to put those ideas into action.

Our model for student involvement is that faculty and student social service committees will propose many projects that will be made available for the entire student body to sign up for. A minimum number of hours is required of each student’s commitment to that project or service organization. Our hope is that these experiences will result in long-term relationships that will help our students:

·         Gain a better understanding of social issues

·         Be a part of efforts that make a difference in the lives of others

·         Develop a sense of commitment to important causes

·         Enjoy a feeling of pride and accomplishment