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SAC (SEV American College), established in 2014, is Health and Education Foundation’s fourth high school. Other high schools (Üsküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute, Tarsus American College) are educational institutions establisted around 1800’s. SAC is administered by an experienced and dependable staff. Turkish and foreign teachers wishing to join the teaching staff are selected according to their academic qualifications and personal abilities. Students at SAC are bi-lingual (Turkish and English). They also learn a foreign language (French, Spanish or German) and consequently are very successful in international language examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS and EUROPASS. SAC is known for its support of and participation in scientific study such as the American Mathematics Competitions, TÜBİTAK competitions, a visit to CERN, scientific seminars and fairs. Technology is part of SAC’s education program; in addition to the computer laboratories and 3D printer, every class has a smart board and teachers use laptops in their classes. The “journey” to university begins in Grade 9 and with the guidance of the college advisors and finishes when the goal is reached. The students get to know overseas universities through fairs, school visits and careers’ days. They select their university according to their interests and goals and with the help of the advisors complete their applications and registrations. A happy and successful school life is ensured with the support of the psychological counseling and guidance service.


SAC participates in the MUN (Model United Nations) conference hosted by its sister school ÜAA, which is the first school to be approved by THIMUN (Turkey International Model United Nations). SAC gives equal emphasis to art and sport as much as it does to academics. Our school has a team for many sports areas. Our students take part in ISTA workshops, visit museums and attend concerts. Students have a say in SAC. The Student Council comprises of class representatives and it organizes academic, art and social events through eleven different clubs. The Student Council attends the Parent/Teacher Association meetings and each semester conducts student surveys which give direction to the democratic running of the school. The extra-curricular program is as rich and varied as the academic program. The students have the opportunity to participate in around 40 different clubs involved in science, the arts and culture.