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At the ceremony held in our school with the participation of SEV Board of Trustees and Board of Directors, our library is named after Anna G. Edmonds. The name of Anna G. Edmonds, who contributed greatly to the establishment of the SEV Foundation, will live on in our library.


Anna G. Edmonds


Anna G. Edmonds was born in Denver, Colorado, on August 8, 1924, to Susan Blakey Goodykoontz and Colin Brummitt Goodykoontz.

Anna G. Edmonds taught English at Üsküdar American Academy as Anna Goodykoontz between 1949 and 1952. She came back to Turkey in 1953 after her marriage to William Edmonds. Working at Üsküdar American Academy and Talas American College between 1954-1959, the couple worked at Redhouse Publishing House (SEV Publishing) between

1961-1992. Anna G. Edmonds was one of the eight members of the first Board of Directors of our Foundation. She founded the Health and Education Foundation with Assistant Professor Engin Ünsal in 1968.

Anna G. Edmonds was an outstanding teacher and writer. She respected different cultures and was always willing to learn. Desiring to get to know different cultures and habits living in Turkey, she published her research on these subjects in her books.

Anna G. Edmonds died in Omak, Washington, on August 4, 2021.