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As a Turkish private school employing foreign and host country nationals, it is important that all faculty at SEV American College be committed to the concepts of bilingualism and biculturalism. To that end the school provides programs which help to facilitate an effective transition for the new teacher.

ORIENTATION PROGRAM: The program is scheduled in mid-August, the purpose of which is to present information about Turkey, its historical and cultural background, and an update on the present political and economic scene. Introductory language lessons are provided. Additionally, sightseeing and an orientation to İstanbul round out the program. Generally, the orientation is held in conjuntion with new colleagues from our sister schools in İzmir, Tarsus and Üsküdar.

LANGUAGE LESSONS: To promote communication among all faculty and to help foreigners adapt to the community with greater ease, the school will offer Turkish language lessons during the first year of employment. These lessons are strongly recommended.

SCHOOL ENVIRNOMENT: In order to create an environment in which bi-lingualism flourishes, students, teachers, and support staff are provided with ample language learning opportunities. Thus the administration supports and encourages the following:


  • to provide a full program of English language studies;
  • to provide an appropriate range of extra-curricular activities which are conducted in English;
  • to consider other ways to encourage the use of English among students.


Teachers (Foreign):

  • to provide teachers new to SEV with a language and cultural orientation program each August before school opens;
  • to provide additional opportunities for teachers to continue Turkish lessons throughout the first year.


Teachers and Staff (Turkish):

  • to provide our non-English speaking Turkish staff with English lessons so that they have a basic mastery of conversational and “work-place” language skills;
  • to provide our new Turkish faculty with an orientation to American educational practices so that there is a basic understanding of Americans and American style teaching.


TEACHER TESTIMONIALS: I had little idea what my experience living and working in Turkey would have in store. I was excited for such a unique invitation. What I didn’t know, but would soon find out, was how much I would enjoy my job.  From a teacher’s perspective it has been ideal. Like me, the administration at SAC – and the entire SEV family of schools – values student potential. They understand that SAC kids are hardworking and smart, and that it’s our responsibility to give them the resources they need to discover their best selves. A terrific effort was made in the designing of the faculty orientation to make us feel welcome and invigorated, provide us with information about Turkish culture and give us useful insight into the students we’d be working with. We have a special relationship with our students at SAC. They are the pioneer student body at a remarkable school. This unique opportunity is not lost on them, and they have formed an intimate bond with each other as a result. They are deeply invested in the many clubs we offer them and they jump eagerly into all kinds of creative projects. Their creativity, energy and courage never cease to be inspiring. I LOVE MY JOB.  

Nick Toscano (Biology & Prep Science)


Like SEV American College (SAC), I am new to Turkey.  Being part of the faculty for the opening year of our campus has and continues to be an amazing experience.  I have the honor of working with professionals from all over, and, together, we are building a truly fantastic learning adventure for both students and faculty through our maxim of patience, empathy, and understanding.  I had no idea upon arriving in this beautiful country about the deeply established roots and traditions of SEV.  To be part of a brand new school that belongs to such a long-standing foundation is a like being the stranger invited to Thanksgiving dinner only to wind up a family member by the end of the meal.  Living in Istanbul has been quite the adventure with its super friendly and helpful people (with or without a language barrier), breathtaking Bosphorus ferry rides, delicious cuisine, and abundance of stray cats.  Living in this magical city while working at SAC has been, and continues to be, a wonderful experience that anyone would appreciate.


Gregory McNutt (English)